We design websites to provide your business it's Unique identity in this Web World.
    With our Creative Designs and constantly upgraded technologies your imagination comes closer to our productivity.
    With our Unconventional yet Professional business structure even full-Flash based websites comes light to your pocket than never before !


    Robust and Fully fuctional Website demands the highest level of Coding standards that we deliver.
    We are the best option in terms of Application diversity, Compatibility, Platform-Independency and of-course Pricing too!
    Our specialization includes E-commerce sites, Portal sites, Service sites, Flash sites with various customized applications like Blogs, Forums, Live chat, Galleries etc.


    A functional website needs to be rendered swiftly and that's where Reliable and Power-full servers comes to play.
    We don't owe servers but do provide full-managed hosting to your websites as a stand-alone or integrated Service where our experts take the hassle of Maintenance of your Website so that it keeps running 24 X 7 X 365 .

Our Services

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Our services are beyond the regulars. We deliver what and as you need. Check out the sections below to have a brief view:-

Web Designing

We design websites, weather existing or new ones. We offer CSS based or full Flash web-designs. Both static web-pages and dynamic-database driven solutions as per need or demand is provided and that is the technical part. We make websites that are cross bowser compatible, functional, clear, easy to navigate, logically arranged and are creatively designed. Your websites become Unique and Functional in designs, Attractive and Clear in presentations to your clients, Informative and Cohesive in objective delivery- in short what every thing is needed to make your business profitable and reach customers on-line!

We always consult you which is said 'revisions' while the web designing phase to meet your exact demands and provide useful suggestions as well. Our CRM reviews your business and feed backs our designers for necessary theme and look they then impart to your website to brand it and not only that, our web designs are W3C standardized and needs to satisfy us before they are presented to you !

Web Development

We develop and integrate various applications needed and as demanded to your websites. Please see our components section for a brief overview of the technologies we deliver. Seamless integration cuts the clutter and our team of highly dedicated geeks just make magic with the applications that are developed uniquely for your websites. Branding and Functionality is throughout maintained. Our unique way of integrating components to any website makes things simple as you or your business need drives what to integrate and what not to and not the other way round !


Web Databases (MySQL)- Web Databases are specifically usefull when a centralized data-management with different group-level authorization and authentication is needed, it could be from (e.g. in a School website) a simple employee database to a full Online Student Admission System, Records-Management, Inventory-Management, Billing-Management or simply you could let your data from a form (e.g. Contact Us or Feedback etc.) be stored directly in a easily maintainable database etc.
Shopping Carts- The purchase section of your website where you provide your clients the facility to buy your products/services. With us you get full PayPal integrated shopping carts with various national and international payments and shipping gateways.
Blogs and Forums- When your business needs to have an on-line discussion board or you want to socialize publically we have the right solution for you.
Log-in sections- Specific content areas of your website which needs authentication to access is provided so that the user to your website is first log-inned to your website. Specifically integrated to any web design and seamlessly driven on secured channels.
Live-chat- Extend the interactive service your website offers, integration of our live-chat feature to any website is seamless and keeps your client specific queries answered in real-time. This add an extra dimension to your business when your client is specifically satisfied coming to your site which builds of all others the trust on your business !
Gallery- Add a photo or video gallery to your site to convey your message or to simply just make your website more beautiful. This also provides a glimpse to your business by letting your clients 'see' you in real !
Music Player- Are you a CD-shop owner or just an aspiring DJ ! If you have something more than just being a casual listener then have your clients/friends listen to your creations by providing a web-jukebox right on your site !
Site-search- Let your visitors with the quick quench to your site not be disappointed by providing search boxes on your site which makes their surfing more accurate and that means a good impression !
Many other regular features like Guestbook, Comments Box, Tell-a-friend, CAPTCHA enabled forms, Alumni Section, Calendar, RSS news feeder, News Section, Image Maps, Site Maps, Customised Banners, Buttons, Image Manupulation etc. are also cratered by us with no-fuss logic and with your business need in mind.
Please feel free to Contact Us for any queries or for any clarifications you need.

Managed Hosting

Apart from a great designed and robust application coding the quality of your website is largely dependent on the quality of hosting you have. We provide Managed hosting on third party servers, but you are never logged to this service as this is highly dependent on your choice to hire us for the same or to have your own server facility. When you authorize us only then your server and site is managed by us and in that way we provide updates to your site as per your demands with-in the contract period.

With this service you are always sure about the proper maintenance and regular fresh feel to your end clients is always ensured.

The Services we offer are as unique as we are. We not only deliver the end-products but all after sale and pre-sale clarifications both technical and non-technical is promptly made at No extra cost. All of our products carry one year free maintenance and on-demand services like full site management (as an add-on to Managed Hosting) is also offered.

Want to know how specifically we could help you taking your business on-line ? Please Contact Us for any details.

We value our clients as much as our beliefs.