We design websites to provide your business it's Unique identity in this Web World.
    With our Creative Designs and constantly upgraded technologies your imagination comes closer to our productivity.
    With our Unconventional yet Professional business structure even full-Flash based websites comes light to your pocket than never before !


    Robust and Fully fuctional Website demands the highest level of Coding standards that we deliver.
    We are the best option in terms of Application diversity, Compatibility, Platform-Independency and of-course Pricing too!
    Our specialization includes E-commerce sites, Portal sites, Service sites, Flash sites with various customized applications like Blogs, Forums, Live chat, Galleries etc.


    A functional website needs to be rendered swiftly and that's where Reliable and Power-full servers comes to play.
    We don't owe servers but do provide full-managed hosting to your websites as a stand-alone or integrated Service where our experts take the hassle of Maintenance of your Website so that it keeps running 24 X 7 X 365 .

From Start to End

This page has been kept thinking it clarifies the steps you take while we work on your project and to keep the transparency in our work-flow.

Our project development stages are determined by the type of website you demand and the level of customization needed. Basically the following procedure is followed ( and yes we are flexible too ! ) :-

A CRM is assigned with whom you are in direct contact who is both a listener and a representative of the Studio. First of all you specify which type of project you want and what components is needed to achieve the same with the the choice of one of our Hosting options. We determine the type of component first because for seamless integration and also the time-interval of the whole project is largely dependent on it.

After defining the type of components and the level of customization in it you are presented with the Design options we have. Now first the type is determined where you need to specify and with our opinion you choose between CSS based or full Flash based web-pages. Next you are presented with the templates we have in for your specific requirements. PRESALE CUSTOMER SIGN IN FORM (PSCSIF) is issued following the ONSALE CUSTOMER SPECIFICATION FORM (OSCSF) after which SPECIFICATION SIGN AMOUNT RECEIPT (SSAR) is issued with the receival of Sign-In Amount (SIA) which is 50% of Designing and Development fees (DDF).

Now "revisions" is carried out based on the specific requirement. Branding of your project is also done during these "revisions" for which you are required to facilitate us with the requirements which includes visiting your business center, taking pictures as per requirements etc. The time taken is fore mostly determined by you, we won't give-up "revising" the design aspect up-till you are 100% satisfied with our work. ONSALE CUSTOMER PARTICULARS FORM (OSCPF) is issued during each "revision" where-in you specify the particulars you intend to change or modify or drop-off. ONSALE CUSTOMER ACCEPTANCE FORM (OSCAF) is next signed-in as your acceptance to the design of the project. After which the 35% of the DDF is paid which releases the DESIGN SALE BILLING RECEIPT (DSBR) .

Finally the design phase is locked and next we integrate the chosen "components" to the design you finalized. Now many components could only be integrated only when you get a server address to put your site on so if your requirement is one of them then your website is officially launched on the specific web-sever by us and "revised" to integrate the components. During which the remaining 15% of DDF is paid off resulting the release of APPLICTION DEVELOPMENT SALE BILLING RECEIPT (ADSBR) and the hosting amount is also paid as per hosting server charges which is directly payable to our preferred hosting companies which releases the HOSTING SALE BILLING RECEIPT (HSBR) .

Next we carry out various standards, scalability, robustness, box, compatibility, support tests up to our own standards and only after full-satisfaction we pass the control of your website to you or retain ourselves if you have opt for the Managed Hosting service. And thus, FINAL SALE BILL WITH CONTRACT DETAILS AND T&C (FSBCDT) is issued.

We are unique in terms of providing After-Sales Services which is determined as per the particulars of your project which is clearly mentioned on the FSBCDT thus issued. Next the preferred contact channels is determined for carrying out the further updates, modifications etc. on the launched website.

These steps are insanely flexible for your satisfaction is the only determining factor. Since we work SHO so the only person in between us (your business and your project) is the CRM assigned to your project, who shall be making meetings or discussions with you in person at your business site and all words shall be considered finalized by him only. For further inquiries please visit our Contact Us page.